Arch linux driver sr needs updating

08-Oct-2018 14:50

Arch Linux on the other hand has the AUR - the Arch User Repository.Every user can upload a package build script to package any software available.I never encountered this issue on my Arch machine, simply because installing keepass also pulled the newest version of mono.On Ubuntu, if your software is not in the official repositories, you are out of luck most of the time.Don't have my macbook model/brand handy but I could give that to you.All in all the second time things went 10 times easier than the first time.At the bottom I pasted the notes ("installation instructions") I put together the first time (actually I did the whole process 2 times, talking about "get a life", haha), to illustrate how complicated it was.

It has for me, multiple times, and thus I can't recommend it for non-experts. I'm trying to install linux on an old macbook pro, but the dual-gpu frustrates me.

This has the consequence, that if a software is available for linux, you can find it in the AUR.

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