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14-Feb-2018 10:41

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Scroll further down to read about behaviors and situations you are more likely to encounter with men only.Also realize you are not guaranteed to encounter these issues when you date someone with depression. Whether you ask or deduce it after months of dating, there will be a point when your partner discloses they deal with depression.Evgueni Borissenko, who has dealt with severe depression and blogged about it, talked about what this can be like in cases such as his.“Even if you think you have answers, they can turn your answers around and turn them into problems of their own,” Borissenko said, describing how severely depressed men might respond to positive support. Tell him exactly what you mean and explain why what you are saying is positive.By the time the kind words reach the person with depression, the filters have mutated it into something negative such as an insult or affirmation of their negative beliefs.

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He Might Interpret Neutral Things In a Negative Way Depression often works like a game of telephone where no one wins. The person with depression would love to receive this kindness as it is, but their depression has set up a series of negative filters.

That means suggesting an earlier movie when we ask for your opinions on what we should do tonight, or suggesting going for a run when we’re having a good day. But know that we are entirely capable of living without you.

It’s perfectly okay for us to have a therapist, or even a particular friend who we know will understand. You don’t need to stay in a relationship with someone who isn’t right for you because you’re scared of how we’ll react.

Stay calm and ensure he knows exactly what you are trying to express.

Depression Might Make Him Feel Unworthy of Your Love Because depression tends to affect people’s sense of worth, it can make him believe he does not deserve love.So the person you’re dating has admitted they have depression. You really don’t need to change how you treat them or dramatically alter your behaviour.

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