Divine dating reviews

19-Oct-2017 19:46

Few drinks later, he gets to carry her to a motel room in a scene either set to play as a homage to MSG or show disregard for imitating, resulting in a successful transition of them suddenly becoming nice to each other the next morning.

Instead of strengthening the bond between these characters with a sensible dialogue and situations worthy of being called 'romantic' in a such unorthodox setting, more time is stretched with them tugging at each other with overly self-excruciating and teasing phrases.

Sang-woo Kwone plays Kim Gyushik, who gets sent to a parish with his troublemaker friend, where he stumbles upon Yang Bong-hie, played by the statuesque Ji-won Ha of Sex Is Zero shame-fame.

He doesn't necessarily fall for her at first sight since she acts rather rudely and proclaims that she's got a boyfriend.

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In the end, a film which had a nice start with some promise, but decided to hold on tight to the same old formula of comedies gracing the Korean theaters on monthly basis.There will always be a market for it, but it doesn't mean there aren't better films of the same genre to choose from.