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In a GIMP posting, Sgt Major noted: "I can tell you Renee Baker's name in real life was Debbie and I think he (Blakemore) called Georgia Van Helsing Dotty." In 1982-1983, Dottie Van Dryk appeared as a model in Harmony Concepts' "Bondage Parade" #7 and #8 along with Pia Sands (Michelle Bauer) who later worked with HOM's Barbara Bauer. If there is any hope, it could be in JBD-078 -- the woman is tied to a bamboo pole and is being beaten, but in the closeup scene in the trailer you can't see what she is being beaten with.

Ironman: I checked the trailers for those movies and I didn't see any evidence of bamboo beatings.

I reviewed that one, too, check out my Homepage URL.

Both of these would be hard to pass up at only 12 bucks each.

However, I am particularly interested in JB-66 because of Ralphus's review.

Does the trailer show any of the exploding condom scene? It was the reason I bought the movie (albeit with some later regrets).

Plus, it might be available from Net Flix, so there would be little cost in checking it out.

Mornin All Brutus and Scribbler - years ago I did some business with Red over at the realm - wildly inconsistent and when my last order hadn't been sent after four months I sent a nasty-gram and got the bucks back - and I got the same story on the illness with surgery and recovery - I had others tell me he suffers grave illness when it's convenient - but then he did send the money back so he's no crook, just leisurely about doing business - and he does have a considerable inventory at reasonable prices.

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Stay Well All A Canadian: I've seen only three of VM's new selection, so all trailers would be welcome whenever You Tied is up again.

Billy Pilgrim - your untested theory is quite probably correct - so many crossover companies, so many stage names - hell, Michelle Bauer alone had at least five so why not Georgia and Renee and all the others.jhlipton - I may take a chance and pull the trigger on this one - little indie with torture and sexual humiliation so what the hell - at the very least maybe some good compilation material - besides, with Lt.