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As for who she'd like to portray her leading man again, Hudson surprisingly responds that out of all the people she's worked with over the years, she hopes to star alongside Larry David, who she acted alongside in HBO's comedy MORE: Kate Hudson Rocks Shaved Head for Sia Movie While Watching the Eclipse in NYC With Maddie Ziegler However, when she's on the verge of a major meltdown, Hudson says she always turns to her older brother, Oliver Hudson.

"The first person I call is Oliver Hudson to make me laugh," she says.

On the carpeted steps of the Beverly Hills Hotel we air-kiss goodbye, but there are no paparazzi to record it. The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.

How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?

Cultivated assiduously through various romantic comedies in which she plays, well, West Coast blondes – sometimes feisty, sometimes dizzy, but always endearing, thanks to that beguiling smile she inherited from her mother, Goldie Hawn. For now I have been waiting at the Beverly Hills Hotel long enough for people at other tables to start giving me the sympathetic look you give someone who has been stood up. It is partly to do with his being softly spoken and low key, partly that he doesn’t like his actors to rehearse. No one is going to hurt my feelings.’ Winterbottom certainly seems to have a gift for making his actors lose their inhibitions. There were a couple in there when I thought: God, Casey! It was definitely real.’ How do you go from sitting in make-up one moment, chatting about the weather, to being spanked the next?Her people have booked us an outside table under a false name, in a bid to wrong-foot the paparazzi, but when she does arrive, her cover is blown by the waiters who refer to her as ‘Miss Hudson’ as they hold open the doors and show her to the table. I try to catch the eyes of my fellow diners, they of little faith. As I entered my thirties I realised I was an empath. She disapproves of the game now allowing proper nouns. My duplicity made it difficult to focus on the task at hand. There is one scene in which Hudson is cavorting semi-naked on the bed, before being spanked. ‘I think it depends on your sense of humour where you draw your boundaries. People are going to see them, but I take the view you only live once and, hey, I’m getting spanked today!As we order drinks I tell her I am still recovering from a preview of her latest film, The Killer Inside Me, made by the British director Michael Winterbottom. ‘But I suppose there are some nouns you don’t expect to be nouns, like duplicity. After about the 20th spank we all started to laugh because you become quite comfortable with the idea and it becomes about the technical side of things. And I’m working with Michael Winterbottom, who is an amazing director.’ Hudson has a five-year-old son, Ryder.It is dark, lyrical and erotic, but also disturbing. That’s a noun.’ (She’s right, I checked.) ‘But try and put that in to a sentence. I’ve known Casey for so long that you can’t help but laugh every now and then. Does it make her cringe to think he is probably going to watch her in The Killer Inside Me when he is older?

(It has yet to receive a release certificate here, but got an 18 in Ireland, which is a relatively rare classification these days.) Based on a 1952 novel by Jim Thompson, the film’s protagonist (played by a mesmerising Casey Affleck) punches his prostitute girlfriend (Jessica Alba) until her face is unrecognisable. She wasn’t easy to empathise with.’ Empathy is one of Hudson’s favourite words. ‘I normally take him on the set with me, but not for that one.

‘I think when you have one person in a relationship who is an actor and the other isn’t that can be difficult, because the one who isn’t wonders whether the one who is, is acting. When I was a girl I would get embarrassed and say: “Mum, put a hat on or something.” ’ Has she developed a sixth sense for when a long lens is being trained on her? You know, there might be a picture of you with your butt hanging out of your dress and you think what has that got to do with my work?

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